-- 12/30/2016: Updates to 1909-1914 Player Postcard Page and launch of Matty Gets a Car.

-- 10/15/2016: More updates to the 1900-1908 Player Postcard Page and 1913-14 World Tour Page

-- 10/8/2016: Numerous additions to the 1900-1908 Player Postcard Page, 1909-1914 Player Postcard Page, 1915-1955 Player Postcard Page, Wolverine Postcards Gallery, George W. Hull Postcard Gallery, Suhling / $-in-Shield Postcards Gallery, PC796 Sepia Postcards Gallery, and the World Tours section.

-- 9/18/2016: Significant updates to the World Tours section.

-- 3/16/2015: Major new additions to the 1915-1955 Player Postcard Page.

--3/15/2015: Major new additions to the 1909-1914 Player Postcard Page.

--3/10/2015: New additions to the Wolverine Postcards Gallery.

--3/9/2015: New additions to the H.M. Taylor Gallery, including newly-discovered cards.

--3/8/2015: Major new additions to the 1900-1908 Player Postcard Page and creation of
George W. Hull Postcard Gallery.

--3/6/2015: Launched 1908 Detroit Free Press Tigers Postcard Gallery.

--3/5/2015: Updated 1907-09 A.C. Dietsche Tigers & Cubs Postcard Gallery, adding 1908 Ty Cobb,
                 other 1908 and 1909 Tigers, and completing 1907 Cubs gallery.

--3/4/2015: Updated 1919 Reds Postcard Gallery with all players and envelope.

--3/3/2015: Updated Max Stein Co. Postcard Gallery

-- 2013-14: Updated World Tours section, and the Player Postcard Pages.

-- 9/2012: Launched World Tours section, covering World Tours and Tours of Japan from 1888-1934.

-- 2/2011 - 3/2011: Major additions throughout the Player Postcard Pages.

-- 1/2011: New additions to the Player Postcard page and creation of F.J. Offerman Postcard Gallery.

-- 1/2011: New additions to the Max Stein Co. Postcard Gallery, the Wolverine Postcards Gallery and                  the 1907-09 A.C. Dietsche Tigers & Cubs Postcard Gallery.

-- 1/2008 - 7/2008: More additions to Player Postcard page and 1907-09 A.C. Dietsche Postcard

-- 8/2007:  Creation of PC796 Sepia Postcards Gallery, additions to Player Postcard page and to the                  Max Stein Co. Postcard Gallery.

-- 6/2007:  Additions to 1907-09 A.C. Dietsche Tigers & Cubs Postcard Gallery and the Max Stein Co.                Postcard Gallery.

-- 12/2006 - 2/2007:   Additions to Player Postcards pages, including cards from such series as Max                                  Stein / U.S. Publishing House Cards, PC796, Underwood & Underwood, F.P.                                     Burke & more.

-- 11/20/06:  Complete revamping of Postcard section. Many new issues and galleries added for
                  Player Postcards pages, including Rose Postcards, Wolverine News, HM Taylor,                                Dietsche and more.

-- 2/4/06: New spotlight on the Morgan Stationery Co. "Red Belt" postcard set, special feature on the
              Player Postcard page. Also added to gallery: 1907 Tecumseh team postcard with Fred                        Merkle.

-- 6/3/05: New design elements and navigation begin rolling-out.

-- 2/15/05:  Major addition: 1922 Herb Hunter All Stars Tour of Japan page, special subsection to
                 Photographs Gallery 1920-29.

-- 2/15/05:  Uploaded new Favorite Find story: "A Father's Explanation" with a nice image of an early
    comprehensive Spalding guide.

-- 2004:     Major additions to the Player Postcard Galleries, including new cards and an analysis of                     minor league Rose Company postcards.

-- 11/25/03:  Major additions to the Player Postcard Galleries, including a spotlght on 1908 team cards
featuring the Pirates, and Minor League cards with Armando Marsans, Rafael Almeida,
Home Run Baker, Jake Daubert and many, many more. Uploaded new front page                              images.

-- 10/31/03:  Added special grouping of uncataloged 1909 Red Sox supplements to the What's This?
                  page; uploaded new front page images.

-- 9/04/03:  Uploaded new Favorite Find story: "Hunting Uncataloged Big Game In The Online Jungle"                   with a great image of an uncatalogued 1910 HOF baseball card.

-- 8/01/03:  Uploaded New What's This? item -- uncataloged 1932 Babe Ruth premium postcard

-- 7/04/03:  Launched Photographs Gallery 1940-69 with Ott, DiMaggio, Mantle, Williams, Maris, The                    1953 Yankees and Dodgers, Baseball During World War II and a lot more.

-- 6/29/03:  Launched Photographs Gallery 1930-39 with Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, 1931 Tour of                            Japan, Dizzy Dean, Connie Mack, Carl Hubbel, and much more.

-- 6/22/03:  Uploaded New What's This? item -- uncataloged 1912 Red Sox premium; New homepage.

-- 6/22/03:  Launched Photographs Gallery: 1920-29 wth Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb, Speaker, Johnson and                   more.

-- 6/17/03:  Major upload of 1915-1919 section to Photographs Gallery: 1910-1919: including                               spotlights on Waite Hoyt, the 1918 World Series and much more.

-- 6/15/03:  Posted Bob Groom photo to Photographs Gallery: 1900-1909.

-- 6/14/03:  Added spotlights on 1913-14 World Tour; the 1914 NY Yankees; and more to the
    Photographs Gallery: 1910-1919

-- 6/12/03:  News photo and major cabinet card additions to Photographs Gallery 1910-1919.

-- 6/11/03:  Substantive additions to Photographs Gallery 1910-1919.

-- 6/08/03:  More major additions: Launched in-progress Photographs Gallery 1910-1919, along with                    new Photographs Main Page.

-- 6/04/03:  Major additions and revisions: Launched Photographs Gallery 1900-1909, revised                              1870-1899 Gallery and Brooklyn Dodgers 1908 Photographs Spotlight Page.

-- 5/29/03:  Launched first gallery area (1870-1899) of the Photographs section; Uploaded revised
    Brooklyn Dodgers temporary 1908 photo gallery page.

-- 5/15/03:  Uploaded "A Visitor's Tale" front page story; Updated homepage images.

-- 5/06/03:  Uploaded New What's This? item -- uncataloged Rabbit Maranville card; Updated                               homepage.

-- 3/21/03:  Launched Player Business Cards, Letters and Personal Items page within Memorabilia
                  section, showcasing items from Chief Bender, Marty McHale, Ban Johnson, etc.

-- 3/16/03:  Uploaded new Favorite Find story: "Ruth, Cobb, Lindbergh and a Glassine Envelope" with                    four great images.

-- 3/11/03:  Uploaded New March What's This? item; Second February mystery solved!; New front                       page images featured.

-- 3/07/03:  Launched Memorabilia section, with first page uploaded: Player-Authored Books.

-- 2/27/03:  Launched Page Two of Ballpark Postcard Gallery featuring cards of New York Yankees,  
                Philadephia Athletics and Pittsburgh Pirates ballparks with Minor League fields coming                       soon.

-- 2/23/03:  Launched Ballpark Postcard Gallery featuring cards of Boston Braves, Red Sox,
    Brooklyn Dodgers, Cubs, White Sox, Indians, Reds, Tigers and New York Giants                                ballparks.
-- 2/13/03:  Uploaded new story w/images in "Favorite Finds" section: "A Bing(go) Surprise".

-- 2/12/03:  Launched "Real-Photo" Postcard Gallery, featuring major leaguers, minor leaguers, semi-                  pro teams, factory teams, town teams and sandlot scenes; Also showcased are "Special
                Spotlights" on Cy Young: Photographer, House of David, and the Sanford Independents.

-- 2/08/03   Launched Links Page with addition form for new link requests.

-- 2/07/03:  Updated  What's This? page with one mystery solved; Updated Player Postcard Gallery.

-- 2/05/03:  Launched What's This? page, spotlighting unidentified items of the month.

-- 2/04/03:  An interim Photographs page posted with 11 unidentified photos of either the Brooklyn
                Dodgers or Federal League Tip-Tops.

-- 2/03/03:  New additions to the Player Postcard Gallery and the Hal Chase Page.

-- 2/02/03:  The first installment of Favorite Finds has been posted, with three more to come.

-- 2/02/03:  The Hal Chase Page is completed, featuring a brief synopsis of Chase's career,                                 illustrated with artifacts from his playing days. A gallery of original photos, supplements                       and news service Chase photographs was launched, together with streamlined photo                          albums that feature Chase Tobacco, Caramel and Bakery baseball cards. Also included                      are links to comprehensive Chase biographical and statistical external Web Sites.

-- 2/01/03:  The Player Postcard Gallery was launched as part of the Postcard section. This gallery                       features a wide array of rare Pre-WWII printed postcards featuring Major League                              players and teams.

-- 1/31/03:  This What's New Page was launched.

-- 1/29/03:  The main Postcard Page was added, featuring information about the history of player,                         ballpark and Real-Photo baseball postcards. These sub-sections feature links to soon-to-                    be added galleries that will include rare cards from each of these three categories.

-- 1/27/03:  Two new photo albums, depicting ten tobacco and ten caramel & bakery cards, are now
                 showcased on the in-progress Hal Chase Page. These albums may be slow to load for                       visitors with slower connections, as each card is loaded when the navigation buttons are                     clicked. Once loaded, however, viewers can click-through these collections rapidly.

-- 1/26/03:  VintageBall begins to roll-out under construction on the Web.



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