Rare R.W. Johnston Studios Triple-Fold Postcard of the 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates. Honus Wagner is standing third from the right. When this card was printed, the Pirates were the National League Champions (as is captioned on the front of the card). This team went on to defeat Ty Cobb's Detroit Tigers in the World Series, with Wagner batting .333 over the seven-game series. CLICK ON THE CARD FOR A CLOSE-UP OF HONUS WAGNER.
The sports star as pitch-man: Joe Tinker of Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance fame in his new Case automobile. The first card at right is an early example of the private advertising card issued by the Case Motor Co. of Racine, WI. Case produced autos from 1910 to 1927.
This 1909 Topping & Co. set rivals the Rose cards as the most attractive vintage baseball player set of the pre-linen era. The series featured portraits of the pennant-winning Detroit Tigers. Oscar Stanage's card is shown at left, Hall of Famer Sam Crawford at center, and Jim Delehanty is seen at right.
This card does not appear in any of the postcard catalogs. Issued by The Boston American newspaper, it depicts HOFer Rabbit Maranville of the Boston Nationals, c.1912-15. This card likely was issued in 1914, the year the "Miracle Braves" of Beantown shocked the world to win the World Series in four straight games over the powerful Philadelphia Athletics.


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Tough c.1910 postcard showcasing Honus Wagner and Hometown Views of Carnegie, published by Pittsburgh Gazette Times.
1909 - 1914

This Chicago issue is known as the $-in-shield series, due to a unique symbol on the reverse, and was issued either in 1908 or 1909. The cards were issued by The Suhling Company.
A high quality 1912  issue, this series features the World Champion Boston Red Sox, released by The Boston American newspaper as promotional inserts. This card showcases Jake Stahl, manager of the championship team.
From 1909 to 1916, the Max Stein Company issued a series dubbed "Postcards of Noted People." Included were several baseball players, team montages and group shots. Stein's U.S. Publishing House imprint also issued baseball postcards,
FOR 1915 - 1955
c.1913-14, rare Pastime Novelty Co. postcard of Christy Mathewson with the words: "Our Matty, Christy Mathewson, the World's Greatest Pitcher." The photo was taken on Oct. 8, 1913 at Shibe Park in Philadelphia, which here is misprinted as "Shibo" Park.
Addison "Ad" Brennan, with the US Army, Company D, 27th Inf., Ft. Sheridan, Ill baseball team, c. 1916-17. Brennan pitched for the Philadelphia A's from 1910 to 1913 and the Federal League Chicago Whales in 1914-15. He is most known for decking Giants manager John McGraw in a fight beneath the Polo Grounds stands in 1913. The two were suspended for 5 days. After the Army, he pitched one game for Cleveland and two games for Washington in 1918.
Particularly scarce, this postcard of Cincinnati Reds infielder Tom Downey was issued by Corbit Studio Inc.  of Bridgeport, CT. The card is a real photo postcard with an image taken sometime between 1909 and 1911, the years Downey played for the Reds.
This interesting pair of cards feature the 1910 National League Champion Cubs team and their American League counterpart, the Philadelphia Athletics. The card at left includes stars Frank Chance, Joe Tinker and Ed Reulbac and also spotlights Cubs owner, Frank W. Murphy, who owned the team from 1905 to 1914 The Philadelphia team card, meanwhile, features an abundance of stars, including manager Connie Mack, Homerun Baker, Chief Bender, Eddie Collins, Eddie Plank and others.
Real photo card of the 1910 Cheyenne Indians and slightly oversized printed card of the 1910-11 team, champions of the Rocky Mountain League. According to historians, this league wasn't formally an affiliated minor league until 1912.
These composite postcards of the 1911 New York Highlanders, 1911 Giants and 1910 Philadelphia A's comprise a unique series from The Sporty Postal Card Co. of Newark, NJ. These cards adhere to themes predominant in each team's positioning. NY manager Hal Chase is cast as the kilt - wearing  leader  of  the  team, a reference to The Gordon Highlanders, a British Army regiment recruited mainly from Scotland. A's owner Connie Mack is seen straddling a white elephant, the team's mascot and a pointed response to a barb from John McGraw of the Giants.
The 1912 New Haven Murlins, are shown in this Real Photo card, in their championship season in the Class B Connecticut League. Player-manager Clarence "Pops" Foster led the league in home runs. He previously played in the majors from 1898 to 1901.
Joe Tinker wasn't the only ballplayer captured at the wheel of a shiny new car. This intriguing postcard features Boston Red Sox manager Bill Carrigan and two other uniformed players being feted with a car following their 1912 World Series victory, Note the stylish Red Sox pennant affixed to shiny new auto. The red and yellow tinting is especially striking
The 1912 World Champion Red Sox were the beneficiaries of many postcards, none odder than this RPPC of them at a game against the University of Chicago prior to the 1913 season. This card was one in a set of Strauch's Student Life Series at the school. Shown are Jake Stahl, Tris Speaker, Joe Wood, Harry Hooper, Duffy Lewis and others with George Huff, who managed the Sox for eight games in 1907 before becoming athletic director at this university.
A tough series, the 1914 E&S Publishing Co. postcards feature highly detailed line drawings of baseball stars, surrounded by amusing cartoons about the player's career. This card spotlights Joe Benz, noting his 1914 no-hitter,
This amazing Real Photo postcard of star Red Sox and Yankees shortstop, Everett Scott, depicts him in his minor league days. The card was actually sent by Scott to his uncle and features this message on its reverse: "I am playing again for Youngstown (s.s.) in the Central League, and am doing as well as can be expected. How is everything out on the farm? Everett Scott." The card dates from 1912, when the Youngstown team moved from the Ohio-Penn. League to the Central Association.

A particulalry intricate postcard, this issue was actually a "Souvenir Folder" that was intended to be sent through the mail. Inside, were photographs of twenty team members in an accordian-style fold-out strip consisting of ten two-player panels. The folder was issued by the Berger Postal Card Co. of New York, with  photos by Burke & Atwell. Other folders were released for the Chicago Cubs and the New York Giants.
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The 1910 PC796 Sepia series includes stars from both leagues. Single player and double-player cards were issued.
Issued in 1912 as a premium by The Sporting News, this six-card set is collected by both baseball card and postcard collectors. This is the publication's only postcard issue. Included are stars Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Eddie Collins, Roger Bresnahan, Rube Marquard, Vean Gregg and Gabby Street.
This c.1909 Real Photo postcard captures the Washington Nationals in three automobiles ready to depart the Lexington Hotel in Chicago to make their way to the ballpark. the reverse misidentifies them as the Washington team of the National League.
While baseball card and postcard catalogers have debated the exact date of issuance (between 1908 and 1910), one thing is certain about these Brush Automobile postcards.-- they certainly are different and scarce. The cards depict Tigers players perched atop Brush cars. Almost all the players are shown in suits, as opposed to baseball uniforms, with a short poem serving as identifying cation. This card shows captain Bill Coughlin, bat in hand.
The Philadelphia Athletics distributed these cards to invite the public to Harry Davis Day in honor of the team captain's long service. This card has a message and facsimile signature of Connie Mack on the reverse. The game, which was slated for March 31st, was postponed to June 12, 1911 due to bad weather,
Amazing and almost assuredly unique Real Photo postcard depicting "Home Run" Frank Baker, Hero of the 1911 World Series. The back boasts "Posed especially for and photo by Lee L. Stopple" in fountain pen. Stopple was a printer, mountain climber and book collector. He also made a similar card of Christy Mathewson.
In this second Case card, Tinker is joined by teammates John Evers, Tom Needham, Harry McIntyre and Jim Shekard. Printed at bottom: "Joe Tinker is another satisfied Case owner. Joe is hard to please -- ask the umpire." The card's reverse sports Cubs and White Sox schedules for 1912.
These postcards all were issued by the E.C. Kropp company of Milwaukee and all showcase the New York Giants in Spring Training, circa 1911-13. Stars include Christy Mathewson, Jim Thorpe, Rube Marquard, John McGraw, Mike Donlin and others. Two color variations are known of the  card at left (shown).
Famous card of the 1912 Champion Red Sox, issued by the Photo Art Shop of Swampscott, Mass.  Present are Tris Speaker, Joe Wood, Duffy Lewis, Harry Hooper and the rest of the team.
This Real Photo postcard features three players at Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training, c. 1913. Babe Adams is at center and the image also is said to include Marty O'Toole and an unidentified third player.
Real Photo PC of White Sox pitcher, Joe Benz, has a message on the reverse: "Joe Benz, White Sox, My father roomed with him 1913-15." It also has a photo credit: H.T. Webb of Chicago.Presumably from the offspring of a teammate.
Extremely rare Japanese PC of John McGraw, issued for the 1913 -14 world tour. The Giants played the White Sox (along with several plauyers from other teams), visiting London, Cairo, Rome, Paris and Japan, among others.

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Uncataloged sepia postcard of the 1914 Miracle Braves who shocked the baseball world by beating the mighty Philadelphia Athletics in a four-game World Series sweep.

This highly scarce postcard reproduces a famous team photograph. Hall of Famer, Johnny Evers, can be seen at lower right, while fellow HOFer, Rabbit Maranville, is seated three players to his left.
Highly scarce 1909 world champion Pirates accordion-style fold-out PC issued by the W.M. Dick Company. Amazing display of 17 player photos, as well as Forbes Fied on the exterior. Stars include Honus Wagner, Fred Clarke and Vic Willis.

This postcard stlye was unique to the Pirates and at type of issuance was patent-pending.


Highly scarce Real Photo PC of the NY Giants 1913-14 World Tour team with umpire Bill Klem in Nice, France. Pictured are John McGraw, Jim Thorpe, Mike Donlin, Fred Merkle and others, including non-NY players in uniform just for the tour.
Rare c1909 postcard of the 1909 Newark Indians and Montreal Royals of the Eastern League. Clearly visible is Hall of Famer Iron Man McGinnity  who managed and played for Newark. Both teams were replete with Major League talent.
Art nouveau lettering adorns this highly scarce oversized 1909 postcard of Sid Smith (Syd Smith) of the Atlanta Crackers of the Southern Association. The Crackers won the championship in 1909 and Smith was second in batting average with a .280 average. He  played in the Majors prior to and following his service with Atlanta.
Rare 1909 real photo postcard of Pittsburgh Pirates catcher, Paddy O'Connor, originating from O'Connor's own estate. Very sharp image with the player's sleeve and cap lettering clearly visible and legible.
1909 Sperry and Hutchinson (S&H) "Green Stamps" postcard commemorating the Pirates championship. Stamps were given with purchases, redeemable for premiums. The card features Carl Horner portraits of the players, including the famous T206 Honus Wagner photo.
1909 scorecard postcard for a game between the New York Giants and the Springfield Senators. Portraits of Christy Mathewson, John McGraw, Bugs Rayond, Turkey Mike Donlin and 13 other players. Future star Rube Marquard is listed in the scorecard portion as Marquoid. Interestingly, a career minor leaguer named Cocash is listed as playing right field for the Giants, but he never made the team out of spring training.
Interesting sepia variation of a famous 1909 card depicting players entering Cincinnati's Palace of the Fans park via a horsedrawn wagon. There were no locker rooms or dressing room, so the players would dress at their hotel and ride in uniform to games.
Shown on this card are the 1909 Wheeling Stogies, including Bill McKechnie who would become a Major League player and Hall of Fame manager. His frst baseball card would be issued two years later.
Rare 1910 postcard issued by M.A. Richardson, of  Willis Cole of the White Sox.
Extremely scarce postcard of the 1910 pennant winning Roanoke Tigers of the Virginia League. Many of these players were featured on T209 Contentnea tobacco cards and T206 cards.

The card was sent by a player, presumably shortstop Eugene Newton. The message on the reverse mentions that the team barely topped the league and was postmarked in September of 1910.
Remarkably rare postcard with a message on the reverse from Connie Mack inviting the recipient to "Doc" Powers Day in 1910. Powers was a backup catcher for the Philadelphia Athletics who only played one game during the 1909 season, as he died in April.

The team help a special day to raise money for his family. The Athletics competed in an exhibition game against players from the ankees, Tigers, Senators and Red Sox. Other contests and tests of skill and speed also took place.
1910 card of Clarence Yon, a pitcher for the Hopkinsville Hoppers of the Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee (KIT) League.
The 1911 Boston Red Sox are depicted on this postcard. The image is copyrighted to F.A. George and the card was printed by Allied Printing of Boston. The players are listed, including stars Tris Speaker, Harry Hooper, Duffy Lewis, Joe Wood, and Eddie Cicotte, Even owner John Taylor is shown.
President Taft is shown in this postcard of an image taken on October 3, 1911, presenting the Western League pennant winning Denver Grizzlies with awards for their champonship. The team, which had several future major leaguers, racked up 111 wins to 54 losees in 1911.
c.1911 postcard of the Philadelphia Phillies at Spring Training. Shown are such players as Hans Lobert, Red Dooin, George Chalmers, Dode Paskert, Otto Knabe, and others. Terrific image quality on this real photo postcard.
c.1912 postcard of the Philadelphia Phillies at Spring Training. It appears that the photo includes Hall of Famer Eppa Rixey, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Earl Moore, Red Dooin, Pat Moran and others..
1912 Real Photo cards of Giants pitcher Hooks Wiltse and the 1912 Giants team from the highly scarce Underwood & Underwood series.
c. 1912 real photo card of Giants manager John McGraw wearing a fielder's glove, posed on the infield near first base. This unfiorm style was only worn during this pennant winning year.
Scarce 1912  postcard of the 1912 New Giants at spring training in  Mobile, Alabama. The card advertises Anger Baking Co.'s Baby Head Macaroni, Spaghetti and Noodles. The players are shown in uniform, wearing Anger Baking caps promoting the company's ice cream cones. Christy Mathewson goofily is wearing his cap backwards.
Very rare card of the 1912 Giants, with action shots of Christy Mathewson, Red Murray and Art Wilson in the top half, with a portrait of John McGraw. A team image is in the bottom half. This may be a Max Stein postcard, even though there are no Stein indicia. It also is very similar to an oversized premium of the Giants with the same top images, albeit with a different team image and lettering.
High quality printed postcard of the Giants and White Sox visiting the Vatican in February 1914, when the World Tourists played a stint in Italy. McGraw and Comsikey are seated at front.

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Circa 1912-15 sectional real photo postcard of Walter Johnson, his facsimile autograph and his "Birthplace and Boyhood Home," farmhouse photographed and issued by W.C. Caldwell. The hat and uniform are consistent with the 1912-15 seasons.
Real photo postcard of the 1913 champions of the New York State League, the Binghamton Bingoes, featuring nine major leaguers, including player-manager Jack Calhoun.
Prior to the start of the 1913 season, the Chicago White Sox took a Western Tour. This exceedingly rare real photo card depicts the team in Oakland in March, in uniform. Seen here are Big Ed Walsh, Ray Schalk, Shano Collins, Joe Benz, Doc White and others
Incredible 1913 RPPC of Walter Johnson. The image was taken by Frederick Schutz -- a well known DC photographer who was commissioned by the government to take photos throughout Europe to document WWI destruction. His images ran in newspapers at the time and now are in different museums. The back of this postcard has a message from Schutz requesting payment for a photo, along with his red signature stamp.
Circa 1913 postcard issued by The Evening Telegraph of Philadelphia, depicting Athletics manager, Connie Mack. The newspaper also issued a card of cross-town rival Phillies manager, Red Dooin. Both are highly scarce.
Scarce 1913 postcard of the Cincinnati Reds, published by  Kraemer Art Co., Cincinnati.A red caption on the front identifies the team, along with the words "They look good to us." Unfortunately they finished seventh in the National League, despite such stars as Joe Tinker, Armando Marsans, Rafael Almeida and Mordecai Brown.
The unique real photo postcard at left captures a young Smoky Joe Wood in 1913, following his miraculous 1912 championship season. This specimen originates from Wood's estate and was addressed to him on the reverse, care of the Boston Red Sox. It also bears a facsimile autograph stamp of Wood on the front, along with a stamp reading "New Ebbitt House, Washington DC," a fine dining establishment.

At right is a photo from the Wood estate (not a postcard), taken by a photographer for the Boston American newspaper, depicting Wood and his catcher, Hick Cady, both with shaved heads.
1914 Kansas City Red Sox, a team founded by Ira Bidwell who also had an interest in the Rocky Mountain League and owned the Cheyenne Indians.
c. 1915 real photo postcard of the New York Giants' Laughing Larry Doyle and coach Arlie Latham, at spring training.
c. 1910s real photo postard of Honus Wagner in uniform on the bench, presumably at spring training or a barnstorming game.
Colorized printed postcard of the 1914 Pittsburgh Pirates team in uniform in spring training in front of Hamby's Well in Dawsons Spring, Kentucky. The team is posed in front of "The Dawson Salts & Water Co." building and includes Hall of Famers Honus Wagner, Fred Clarke, Max Carey and Barney Dreyfuss.
Incredible real photo postcard of Honus Wagner, circa 1909. This postcard shows shortstop Wagner throwing, while a companion card shows him at the plate.
1910 real photo postcard of the Pittsburgh Pirates with Hall of Famers Honus Wagner, Fred Clarke, Max Carey, Bill McKechnie and Barney Dreyfuss, the owner of the team. This image most likely was taken at Spring Training.
Terrific real photo postcard of the Pacific Coast League champion San Francisco Seals, with the players' heads superimposed on the bodies of seals sunning themselves on a rock. Several major leaguers were on this team, including Ping Bodie and Rollie Zeider.
1910 composite team postcard of the World Champion Athletics with thei Hall of Fame manager, Connie Mack, shown at center surrounded by other future HOFers, Chief Bender, Eddie Plank, Home Run Baker and Eddie Collins, along with such popular playerss as Harry Davis, Rube Oldring, Jack Coombs and others. 
Amazing real photo pstcard of the champion Athletics walking out onto the field. Likely issued at the end of 1910 or in 1911, this card even includes Louie Van Zelst, the team's batboy and mascot, who was a hunchback who was with the team from 1910 to 1915.
Issued during the World Series to promote Makaroff Cigarets, this postcard spotlights headshots of rival World Series managers, Connie Mack of the Athletics and Frank Chance of the Cubs, along with blank areas for the sender to fill with the score of that day's World Series game.
This 1910 real photo postcardof the Oakland Oaks is one of a set of all 6 teams in the Pacific Coast League, issued by the Dingman Photo Co. The card includes such well known names as Harry Wolverton (immortalized in the "That 'Wolverton' Rag."
This 1912 postcard immortalizes Philadelphia Athletics pitching star, Jack Coombs, celebrating his return to his college, Colby, for "Jack Coombs Day,." Coombs would lead a squad of his 1906 fellow alumni against the 1912 Colby Varsity Baseball team.
Scarce real photo postcard of the 1911 Marion Diggers of the Ohio State League.
c. 1914-15 real photo postcard of the Brooklyn Dodgers working out with a medicine ball likely at spring training. Star pitcher, Nap Rucker, can be seen second from left in profile..
Highly scarce 1913 Cleveland Naps Schedule oversized postcard of Terry Turner that was part of a series advertising tickets to Cleveland games that were on sale at Pyle & Allen Co.'s Cigar Store.Only a handful of these have surfaced and all were addressed to people at the Sherwin- Williams Company in Cleveland. This card references Walter Johnson and Roger Peckinpaugh on its promotional side, advertising games with the Washington Senators and the hometown Naps.
c.1911-12 real photo postcards of the St. Joseph Drummers, featuring several players who would play in the major leagues and the Pacific Coast League
1914 or 1916 real photo card of the Ennis Tigers of the Central Texas League, featuring future major leaguer, Roy Leslie. This card originates from one of the players' families.
c. 1914 real photo card of Walter Johnson, wife Hazel and teammate Germany Schaefer. This card originates from the Walter Johnson estate. Another copy of this card appears in the Ron Menchine book, "Tuff Stuff's Baseball Postcard Collection, which identifies it as being from 1909.
On April 19, 1912, Christy Mathewson was awarded a car by the hometown New York Giant fans. These two postcards tell the story.

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