From 1909 to 1916, the Max Stein Company issued a series dubbed "Postcards of Noted People." Included were several baseball stars. A scarce imprint of the Max Stein group, the United States Publishing House, also issued some baseball postcards.
Max Stein Co. & U.S. Publishing House

Ping Bodie
Chicago White Sox,
AM League

This card was issued between 1911 and 1914, Bodie's only years with the White Sox. These Max Stein Bodie cards are found with a pinkish tint.


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Boston (Red Sox) American league

This card showcases the 1912 World Champion Red Sox in a composite image. Curiously, the head shots are set against Chicago's West Side Ballpark.
John McGraw,
New York, Natl. League

The Little Napolean was captured at the peak of frustration -- as he led the New York Giants to three pennants but no World Series victories between 1909 and 1916.
Pitcher Rube Marquard
New York (Giants)

This U.S. Publishing House card likely was released around 1911-1912, when Marquard won 24 and 26 games, respectively for the New York Giants.
Buck Weaver  --  Chicago Am. League

This beautiful card spotlights a montage of future Black Soxer, Buck Weaver. He is shown in three poses: arms crossed, throwing and tending to his female fans.
Chicago Players

The postcard above depicts five Chicago Cubs players: Ward Miller, Wilbur Goode (Good), Mike Mitchell, Bill Clymer and Wildfire Schulte. This card was issued in 1913, the only year all five played for the Cubs. All were listed as outfielders on the team's roster.
Ed Walsh (Chicago White Sox)
In Different Positions

Like the Buck Weaver postcard above, this card of Ed Walsh showcases a montage of different in-action playing images of the Hall of Fame pitcher.
Chief Meyers,
New York, AM League

This card was likely issued before 1916, as Meyers left the Giants after the 1915 season This classic iage is reproduced on other baseball cards from this era..
1916 Chicago Cubs

Issued in 1916, this card depicts the Chicago Cubs before the season commenced, wearing the uniforms of the 1915 Chicago Whales of the Federal League. After the Federal League folded following the 1915 campaign, Whales owner Charles Weeghman purchased controlling interest in the National League Cubs and merged the two rosters. This same photo appeared on page 15 of in the May 1, 1916 issue of Baseball Magazine, as well as on another postcard with slightly different font and with a different copyright that doesn't reference Max Stein (see image below of a blank-backed version of this card). Included on both postcards are manager Joe Tinker, (who also played in a handful of games in 1916), Mordecai Brown (in his last season), Hippo Vaughn, Frank "Wildfile" Schulte, Heinie Zimmerman, Dutch Zwilling, Jimmy Archer, Max Flack and Vic Saier
Joe Tinker,
Cincinnati, Natl. League

This card of Joe Tinker could only have been issued in 1913 or 1916 when he played for the Reds. Tinker jumped to the Federal League in 1914 and 15.
Joe Wood,
Boston, AM League

The star of the 1912 World Series, Joe Wood, is shown in this Max Stein postcard. This card obviously was issued prior to Wood's 1916 departure from the Red Sox.
Heinie Zimmerman,
Chicago (Cubs)

Another US Publising card, this postcard depicts Zimmerman with the Cubs, a team he played for from 1907 through the middle of the 1916 season.
Frank Chance,
New York, AM League

Issued in 1913 or 1914, this card shows player/manager Chance during his only two seasons with the New York Yankees. He resigned during the tail end of 1914.